साथी जस्तै बुवा छोरी PAPA-PUGU, यस्ती छिन्, पुगुकी आमा | आमा सम्झेर रुन्छिन्, पुगु….(भिडियो सहित)

As youtube sensation has been powerfully impacting on Nepal. youtube gives birth to many people as a vlogger. among many Nepali vloggers “Chetan Raj Karki” is one of them. chetan raj Karki produce music at the orange studio which is his own studio.

he also owns the garden cave restaurant at Pulchwok. you can find him on his youtube channel called “chetan vlogs). he lives in Pulchwok,lalitpur,Nepal. He has two sisters they are Midin & Shruti.

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