धुर्मुस सुन्तली लाई सुरेन्द्र केसीले दिए कडा सुझाव: अरिंगालको गोलामा हात नहाल्नु भन्दै यसरी सतर्क गराए – हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Dhurmus Suntali who had initiated the campaign of cleaning Bir Hospital came into controversy when they were blamed for misusing the fund that were collected for the campaign. This news got viral over social media and for clarifying this issue, Dhurmus did a press meet and interacted with journalist about the real fact.

One of the most preferred political analyst Dr. Surendra Kc has shared his views regarding this issue that tried to make Dhurmus Suntali’s image down. Dr. Surendra KC has warned Dhurmus Suntali as well as Rabi Lamichhane to be aware of the politics of Nepal who tried to throw dirt towards the clean people who want to bring positive change in the society.

During an interview, Dr. Surendra KC has clearly warned Dhurmus Suntali to be aware as it is very hard for them to tackle with the dirty politics of Nepal. Watch an exclusive interview with Dr. Surendra Kc right here:

Dr. Surendra KC is one of the most popular and reputed political analyst of Nepal who shares his analysis upon the recent political scenario of Nepal and also warns the people and politicians to not take any wrong step that can be dangerous for the society and nation.

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